Mission & Culture

Exhale creates a social climate where each person’s unique experience with abortion is supported, respected, and free from stigma. Exhale provides services, training, and education to empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve post-abortion health and wellbeing.

Core Values

  • Exhale creates room for all voices to be heard, respected, and supported.
  • Exhale views each individual as a “whole person,” respects her belief system, and strives for cultural competency.
  • Exhale believes that self-awareness, self-care, and knowledge can empower individuals.
  • Exhale seeks to transform oppression by challenging its roots and empowering each other and our communities.
  • Exhale values the spirit of collaboration.
  • Exhale believes abortion can be a normal part of the reproductive lives of women and girls.

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture is a practice. It is the assumptions, values, norms, and behaviors each of us exhibits when we work together. At Exhale, we focus on organizational culture because we know that the way we work has a significant impact on our ability to achieve our mission. We are strength-based, and the following elements are fundamental to our cultural core:

  • Mission: we have it in the bones. We believe in support and respect for each person’s unique experience with abortion, and in their ability to achieve post-abortion health and wellbeing. We are guided by these fundamental principles.
  • Abundance: we are enough and we have enough. We draw on the individual and collective resources we already have in place in order to meet our responsibilities. We have a sense of plenty and possibility. 
  • Excellence: we make an impact. We set high standards and ambitious goals and then surpass them. We work smart to succeed in our endeavors and we can see our results.
  • Innovation: we take risks with mission in mind. We seek new opportunities to serve our constituency and fulfill our mandate, embracing unconventional ideas and original approaches to deepen our work.
  • Self-care: we meet our needs. We understand that we are more effective at achieving our goals when our individual and organizational needs are understood and met. We promote individual and organizational health and wellbeing as a strategy for mission-success. 

We are a learning organization.

As Exhale moves our mission forward in our ever-changing, constantly adapting, networked world, we will continue to define what a strength-based, innovative, entrepreneurial, and leaderfull organization needs to be effective in the 21st century. As a learning organization, we will continue to be open and transparent about our successes and failures with organizational practices and programmatic strategies, in the hope that our experiences and insights can contribute to a thriving nonprofit sector and help create a more just world.

We value the contributions of Rich Snowdon, Michelle Gislason, Lisa Hoffman, Julie Davidson-Gomez, Beth Kanter, Kim Klein, Eugene Eric Kim, CompassPoint Nonprofit ServicesLFA Group, California Wellness FoundationMarcus Buckingham, Seth Godin, and Jim Collins for the impact of their collective research, thinking, writing, facilitation, coaching, funding, advice, or partnership in making a Exhale a vibrant place to create and lead the growing Pro-Voice Movement.

Exhale is a 501(c)3 organization (EIN/tax ID: 94-3393719)