Saying farewell to 3 of Exhale’s finest

posted June 29, 2018

It’s with deep gratitude and sadness that we bid farewell this week to Nina Pine, Amalia Bob-Waksberg and Mara Kassoff. I am grateful for this staff team who believe in and embody pro-voice. There are almost too many ways to count as I reflect on their contributions to Exhale, so I share with you just a few.

Nina steadfastly coordinated and supported our talkline counselors, and has been our data maven and social media monarch. Her thorough planning and program implementation skills have raised the bar on the efficiencies and quality of our deliverables. Nina’s kind and considerate nature permeated our office, making a lasting impact on our team, counselors, and community of supporters.

Amalia painstakingly supported countless administrative, development, and talkline details, trained our counselors, shared her extensive experience in the practice of boundary-setting, and exemplified best practices of self-care. Amalia brought her creativity and fabulous sense of style to every aspect of her work.

Mara's business skill, strategic planning mind, and passionate humor and heart were invaluable. She very quickly embodied the pro-voice spirit which led to her amazing drive in building relationships, brokering collaborative partnerships, and streamlining our back office operations. She held us together during our founder transition, and has been an amazing thought partner and editor. Not to be overlooked -- she has been my biggest supporter and confidant as I stepped into my new role as Exhale’s Executive Director.

Change is hard. I'm eternally thankful that this team was with me through my transition into Exhale. Please join me and the Exhale board in bidding them a fond and bittersweet farewell.

As I shared with the team at our closing dinner, I remain inspired during this time of transformation for Exhale. As a team, we have acknowledged our shared anger and frustration about the decline in support for post-abortion services, deepened our personal relationships and commitment to individuals with abortion experiences, and done everything we can to protect the future of Exhale. I am wishing my colleagues well as they head into their future endeavors and know that they will forever be an integral part of the Exhale community.

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